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Visiting New Orleans

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I will be visiting New Orleans in March, and wonder if anyone could
recommend anything book related that I might visit.


Jake Benson

Benson's Hand Bindery
Fine Custom Bookbinding & Conservation
Hand Marbled Papers
1319 B Summerville Ave.
Columbia S.C. 29201
Phone: 803.799.1853

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<TITLE>Visiting New Orleans</TITLE>
I will be visiting New Orleans in March, and wonder if anyone could recomme=
nd anything book related that I might visit.<BR>
Jake Benson<BR>
<FONT FACE=3D"AppleGaramond Bd">Benson's Hand Bindery<BR>
Fine Custom Bookbinding &amp; Conservation<BR>
Hand Marbled Papers<BR>
1319 B Summerville Ave.<BR>
Columbia S.C. 29201<BR>
Phone: 803.799.1853<BR>


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