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Re: In Search of Photogravure Printers / Books


A very talented person to look up is Luc Janssens. I saw his beauitful
books at Pyramid Atlantic. Below is the copy from the 6th Book Arts Fair
exhibtion catalog.

Born in Belgium, Luc Janssens graduated with a Master of Fine Arts
degree from the Royal Academy of fine arts in Brussels where he studied
drawing, painting, and  printmaking. Shortly after, he established his
permanent residence and studio in California. As a printmaker and
photographer he has been involved with dust- grain photograuvre for
nearly ten years, Developed in the mid- ninetheenth century and used by
only a hand full of artists today, the techniques blends photographic
and etching process to produce an original work of art with textural
richness, luminosity, three- dimensional quality and range of tone not
posssible with conventional photographic printing proceses.

Luc Janssens
86 El Nido Drive
Napa, California 94559

Hope this helps.
phone 707.255.6787

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