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Renaissance Wax inquiry

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A friend and binder with whom I volunteer, sent this inquiry, which I am
passing on to the list.

I'd appreciate comments on the proper use of,
and cautions about the use of Renaissance Wax
on books bound in cloth and in leather.

AlShal@aol.com wrote

> I've sent an inquiry about Renaissance Wax to the
> ExLibris group but there seems to be little its
> participants have little to say about the product.
> A Web research yields many boilerplate statements
> from the manufacturer about how its made and how
> good it is, and it seems to be sold everywhere..
> But very little information appears from people who've
> used RW on books. Conservation Online also yields
> very little.
> I think there may be a problem with RW on cloth since
> RW contains an organic solvent. I've been testing it on
> cloth and find that it will remove certain printing inks used
> for pictorial covers and titles, cloth dyes, and perhaps
> coatings.
> Would you pass it on to your book arts group for me?
> Thanks.
> Alan

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