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Travel in The Netherlands

Places of tremendous interest in the Netherlands include: <A
Bibliotheek</A> in Den Haag (The Hague) where you will also find the
Meermanno Museum van het Boek. The first has wonderful collections of fine
and historic bindings and manuscripts, ongoing exhibitions (and much more)
and is the "older historical" branch of the partnership between the two
museums. They have made concerted attempts not to duplicate the collections.
Dr. Jan Storm van Leeuwen is the Keeper of Fine BIndings, a bery busy man and
meticulous scholar. Definitely write or call ahead to see if you can arrange
time to visit.

The Meermanno, on the same street, is a smaller museum devoted to more recent
works, with an emphasis on typographic design. There is a study where one may
examine modern books, and ongoing exhibitions in the gallery areas, including
a collection of hand presses and printing history. There is also a lovely
garden, with incised and gilded calligraphic inscriptions on several
sculptural works, between the main building and the secondary gallery. And a
shop full of bookish temptations!
The signage outside is a bit subtle - but if you look up you will see the
name of the museum, incised in capitals and gilded, across the front on the
stone exterior.

Everyone going should also avail themselves of a plateful of the delicious
poffertjes made at the restaurant in the park across from the Meermanno. And
be sure to observe how these are made! I was fascinated - and have been back
many times. Try the ones with fresh strawberries and cream...or Grand
Marnier...but I digress.

Happy travels!
Paula Marie Gourley
Lilyhnouse Studio
Eugene, Oregon

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