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Hot Foil Stamping

Greetings all-

I have a broad question concerning hot foil stamping. I own a C&P 10x15
letterpress which I have use fairly regularly. So far, I have only printed
on it. It does, however, have hot foil stamping capabilities. When I bought
the press, it was set up for this, but the previous owner had not done it

I would like to try some foil stamping, but I have no idea how it works. I
have a chase that apparently holds a heating element and a roll of foil,but
I am at a loss as to the mechanics of the operation.

Any ideas? Has anyone done this work before? Are there any hints/resources
that you might be able to point me to? Any suggestions would be much
appreciated, even an explanation of the basic idea behind foil stamping
would be helpful.

Thank you very much.

Paul Platosh
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