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Lecture at Princeton by Chris Clarkson

>Christopher Clarkson, the internationally known book conservator and
>consultant in medieval and Renaissance bookbindings will speak at
>Princeton University on Monday, February 12, at 5p.m., 101 McCormick
>The title of his illustrated lecture is "The Kennicott Bible. A
>Description of its Illumination and Conservation Problems."  The
>Kennicott Bible was copied by the famous scribe Moses Ibn Zabara in
>1476 at the commission of Isaac, the son of Don Solomon di Braga of
>La Coru=F1a in northwestern Spain. The illuminations were executed by
>Joseph ibn Hayyim, almost certainly a kinsman of Abraham ibn Hayyim,
>who composed a treatise on illumination in the 1460s. The manuscript
>-- a treasure of the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England -- is
>housed in an extremely rare, highly decorated and contemporary
>morocco box binding.
>Mr. Clarkson will describe aspects of the Bible's parchment pages,
>text and illuminations as well as the construction of the box
>binding and of its conservation problems.
>Directions for traveling to Princeton and the location of McCormick
>Hall are available at the following website:

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