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web sites

Hi Caryl--

We have a web site for our press -- Iron Bear Press -- and track both visits
to it as well as sales from it. If you visit you'll see that there is a
printable order form and we do see those coming in. But it's not our main
vehicle for making contact with our collectors.

As nice as it is to have a web site, we find that it doesn't releive us from
establishing and maintaining the usual lines of contact with  collectors. A
main point, we feel, is that you have to promote the web site otherwise
people won't visit because they won't know that it's there.

The good news is that a web site enhances contacts made in other ways
because they can just hop on their browser and see your work -- no waiting
for catalogs or photos to arrive in the mail. We've found that people do
love instant gratification! So the web site supports our other approaches to

A curious point is that we've recently had sales of books to collectors not
in North America solely because of the web site. And these are folks we
never would have reached in any other way.

For us, though, it's no "eBay" way to instant fame and fortune!

Best wishes,
Diane Weintraub
Iron Bear Press

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