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Re: Web sites

Hi Caryl,

The web has provided me with sales I never would otherwise have had, from
University collections ordering printed books from
to unique works commisioned from overseas, with e-mail agreements and electronic
funds transfers.

What I found most interesting is that sales don't necessarily come from any
promotion I do. I examine the website logs regularly to see what's going on--not
just the graphic web stats provided by the web host, but the raw logs. One thing
I've noticed is that the search engine spiders keep coming back whether or not I
do anything like re-register the site. Actually, these days unless you pay a
fee, a re-registration of the site may not do anything for several months
because of the backlog. All the SE's now offer fee-based accelerated listing.
But it seems that if you keep updating your pages they automatically come back
to see what's new.

If you want to keep current on how to maximize your search engine placement,
subscribe to Danny Sullivan's monthly Search Engine Report. It's free by e-mail
and has over 150,000 subscribers. Go to

A lot of the action I get on my site comes because people are interested in the
books I bind. For example, the commission to bind Any Woman's Blues
came from Holland. The client was searching the web for "Erica Jong" , found my
bindings on Erica's other books, and contacted me through the contact form on my

The Erica Jong bindings bring a lot of visitors to my site.  If you type "book
binding" in the Address line of Internet Explorer (version 5.x), MSN Search
lists the Erica Jong page as No. 2 on the list.

Make sure you use Meta tags for keywords and descriptions. Not that the engines
all use them-- the msn search has a description that is somewhat off base, that
they must have written themselves. If you don't know how to use Meta tags (or
anything else webby) go to
Also use all your search terms in context on your page-- many engines look for


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