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Frederic W. Goudy Lecture

Announcing the Spring 2001 Frederic W. Goudy Lecture
on the Book Arts at Scripps College, sponsored by the
Scripps College Press:

 "Book Conservation:  The Variety of Problems Encountered
in Private Practice." =20
Sat. Feb. 10, 2001
7:30 p.m.
Humanities Auditorium, Scripps College, Claremont, California

Frederic W. Goudy Workshop:
"Working with Leather as a Bookbinding Material.=94
February 10 and 11, 9:30 to 4:30
Scripps College Press
12th and Dartmouth, Claremont, California
Cost:  $150 + materials fee of $25

This two-day workshop will start with a discussion of the
various leathers and of the sources of their different properties
and characteristics. There will then be a demonstration of the
various bench techniques used in working with leather,
including the different paring methods, types of knives, and
sharpening tips. Following that, the participants will have an
opportunity to try the various knives and paring methods,
and will end by covering a plaquette with leather that they
have prepared.=20

BETSY PALMER ELDRIDGE  has been a bookbinder, restorer, and
conservator for over 40 years. She was introduced to the subject
in the late 50's by Hannah French, the Special Collectors Librarian
at Wellesley College. Subsequently, she worked with Gunther Metz
in Hamburg, studied at the Ecole Estienne and with Jules Fache
in Paris, and finally worked with Carolyn Horton & Associates
in New York. Since 1974 she has maintained a private bindery
in Toronto. For the last 15 years she has taught extensively
both in Canada and the United States on all aspects of bookbinding
and conservation.  She has been active in professional organizations
both nationally and internationally, and currrently is serving as
President of the Guild of Book Workers.

Please send check to the Scripps College Press, 1030 Columbia Avenue,
Claremont, CA to make reservations for the workshop. You are also
invited to join Betsy for dinner at Scripps College on Feb. 10. Cost $20.
For further information, contact Prof. Kitty Maryatt, Director of the Scripp=
College Press at (909) 607-3866 or KMaryatt@ScrippsCollege.edu.

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