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Re: Web sites


Thanks for sharing that information about the life of a website artist.
I was gratified to see how other have fared in the 24 hr access
cyberworld. I've been wanting to redo the site, at a new site and you've
given me some grist to mill over. The dead link reminder is priceless.

I too have resisted and shied away from an influx of messages -- from
people I don't know, wanting me to tell them how I make the images on my
website. Free "how to be an artist" stuff. Contrary to my usual glib
self, I find I'm speechless at such requests.

Free anything is a nightmare. At least I never have to answer questions
about the range, refrigerator, or washers I've placed on the curb out
front... they seem to move all by themselves!

Darryl Baird

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