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Re: WOID #V-34. The Ballot [III]

Sorry I missed I & II. This is a real issue. In 1980 I bound the Trilateral
Commission's book "The Crisis of Democracy" in Sheep, Gold & Barbed Wire rather
than vote for one of their candidates (other geezers out there may remember that
the Trilaterals brought in their member Anderson to de-fuse the McCarthy vote,
'cause he was the only non-member who stood a chance). For those youngsters who
don't know, all the options for the oval ofice have been Trilateral since 1980.
[I don't hate them, I don't often disagree with them, but the idea of them is an

The binding is at

If you're not familiar with "The Crisis of Democracy," it was published by NYU
for  the Trilateral Commission in 1975. Written by Huntington, Crozier &
Watanuki (representing the trilateral regions of the USA, western Europe &
Japan), they conclude that there is too much personal freedom in contemporary
democracies, and that it is necessary to curtail personal freedoms in order to
preserve the governability of democracies.

The Trilateral Commission was established by David Rockefeller & Zbigniew
Brzezinsky in 1973 to replace the Bilderberg Group that Prionce Bernhard of the
Netherlands ran. The old group coordinated the domestic & foreign policies of
Western Europe & the USA, and the TC added Japan (which made it Tri rather than

Now that I'm doing my Bill of Rights series


I've decided to bind the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bush vs. Gore for "The
Tenth Amendment" (that's states' rights). I haven't finished designing it yet
(I'm still working on the "Reliquary for the Ashes of Salman Rushdie's Satanic
Verses: The First Amendment") but I am thinking about a straw-colored buckram
case binding with red leather label and a gold title. The box may be decorated
in political election ephemera or some such appropriate garb.



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