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Re: WOID #V-34. The Ballot [III]

>I've decided to bind the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bush vs. Gore for
>Tenth Amendment" (that's states' rights).

I'm curious to know if other artists have created work prompted by the
recent election and the events surrounding it.

I just finished a small edition of miniature books for a book exchange that
consisted of feathery pieces of handmade abaca pigmented to pink, red,
orange, yellow and white and bound onto kitchen matches in a piano hinge
binding. The book, which is as wide and deep as it is tall, slides into a
chip board box, like the type matches come in. On the outside of the box is
w's comment about a web site that criticized him..."There ought to be limits
to freedom".

The whole thing is so rife with possibilities - a novel with no w's, 'the
oval office for dummies', and on and on.

Anyone else working out their frustrations with a project?


Pendleton, Oregon

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