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I'm trying to find the message on this list about using CD's as part of
an "objet d' art". My age may be catching up to me.... but....I seem to
something about locating....visually blank....CD's....no logos....and the
book "objet"
being described. I also "think"  that the subject heading didn't reflect the
content. Is there someone, with a better memory than I, that can locate this

message(s)? I've spent an incredible amount of time looking through at least
of the December "98"- December "00" archives with no luck.... and yes, I've
many searches (Cd, Cdr, Cd-Rom, laser disc, computer, disc, millennium, Y2K,
artist book) etc., etc., etc. I've also checked any of the GBW Newsletters
I could find....(my place is a mess)!!
Am I out of my mind?!?!....(probably)....Any help....would be GREATLY
This problem has finally gotten me to....lose my lurker status.

Christopher Krone

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