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Re: Concept lining

I tried to restock Concept paper last year and discovered that although
the manufacturer is still in business (under the name Legion Paper
1-800-278-4478), they have discontinued Concept and have replaced it
with a new paper called simply Interleaving White 45 gsm. I don't like
it as much as the original Concept, which was much stiffer although
still very thin., but it is really the only large interleaving paper
available today. They will send you a small sample if you ask.


         Concept lining / Paper Technologies, Inc.
         Thu, 1 Feb 2001 13:57:19 -0600
         Martha Chiplis <mchiplis@CHIREADER.COM>

I purchased a 60" roll of Concept lining / interleaving about
5 years ago and am about to run out of it.

Does anyone know where I can order this? I discovered today
that Paper Technologies, Inc. where I bought it no longer exists.


Martha Chiplis

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