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FW: Accordian Fold?

From: tom bennick <tbennic@micron.net>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 08:35:04 -0700
To: <Book_Arts_L@listserve.Syr.Edu>
Subject: Accordian Fold?

I need some information how one determines the length of paper to do an
accordian fold book.  I just finished making a small 2 inch by 2 inch
accordian fold book. I found myself cutting and folding all morning before I
got the right dementions for the book.  I wanted five panels for the book so
it would seem logical to just cut a strip of paper 10 inches and go from
there but alas it doesn't work that way. I ended up cutting a strip 16 1/4
inches and then the folding came out to the 2 inch square I wanted. I had to
cut off about five inches to get the right measurment.  The question is, is
there some kind of calulations to folding an accordian without going to the
trial and error method?  I'm aware that you don't just mark off a two inche
square and then fold on the line unless you want little stair steps of

I'm sure someone out there has a simple solution for this simple mind.



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