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Edward A. Wilson, book artist

Book art is not my strong point, but I recently purchased a book from the
library of Edward A. Wilson and with his special bookstamp.  The bookseller
told me that Wilson had been a book artist (I assume 20th century), and I
am interested in finding out more about him.  So far my online researches
have come up blank, and I've exhausted my ingenuity.

Please guide me to a good source.  And, yes, I know I'm being lazy.  I
should go to a library, find a reference librarian, and go from there.  But
I genuinely will appreciate your help.


Yours, Bill Godshalk
*    W. L. Godshalk                                                          *
*    Professor, Department of English              *
*    University of Cincinnati                                             *
*    Cincinnati OH 45221-0069                   *   Stellar Disorder
*    godshawl@email.uc.edu                                *

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