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Re: FW: Accordian Fold?

No, you don't need to struggle with this one although you come out with
the same solution. The trick (as you indicate you know) is to always
work by folding your length in half and then to continue to fold in
halves to the existing  fold. That way you will end up with even folds.

This way, however, you will always get multiples of 2:  2,4,8,16, etc.
To get your 5 panels you would have to sacrifice 3 after folding up an
accordion of 8 widths. Start with a strip 16" just as you say. (Of
course, you do lose a bit in the fold which makes for your .25")

Knowing this, for a particular accordion you just count which multiple
of 2 is right for the result you want and multiply your width by that
number. Then you do cut the excess.

For longer accordions you can work between 3 or 4 fold points which are
equidistant to get closer to the number you want. (It's a big jump
between 16 and 32)

Peter Sramek
Book°Sequence Gallery

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