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Re: indigo

I grew two kinds of indigo here in the relatively cool sea breezes of coastal
Nova Scotia. One was indigofera tinctoria (true indigo) and one was Japanese
indigo. Indigofera is of the legume family, was difficult to germinate, and never
did amount to much. The Japanese indigo was a lot more weedlike, I think a
variety of polygonum or at least the leaves resemble a plant that we call Chinese
Rhubarb, (polygonum tinctorium or dyer's knotweed). My indigo grew about 30
inches tall and produced lots of leaves. I'll dig out the recipe that I used to
ferment the dye using salt and not much else and subsequently dye cloth.

My season here was too short for the plants to set seed, so if you have a few
extra, I'd love some. Seeds don't have a problem coming across the border.
e-mail  < jjdunleavy@ns.sympatico.ca>

Hannah Dunleavy

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