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US National Award for Excellence in Cultural Property Protection goes to MSN

Special, February 8, 2001


From:                   "Liston" <dbliston@email.msn.com>
Subject:   US National Award for Excellence in Cultural Property Protectio=
n goes to MSN
Date sent:              Thu, 8 Feb 2001 01:22:22 -0500

At this year=92s US National Conference on Cultural Property Protection Aw=
ard Dinner the
evening of 7 February 2001, in a hotel outside Washington DC, Mr. Ton Crem=
ers is awarded
the Robert B. Burke Award for excellence in cultural property protection. =
He becomes the
eighth annual recipient of this profession=92s highest honor in the United=

Mr. Cremers receives an engraved crystal glass flame to symbolize the spir=
it of
achievement and accomplishment in this profession. An accompanying photo (=

http://museum-security.org/2001Award.jpg ) shows the award presented by Mr=
. Wilbur
Faulk of the Getty Conservation Institute with Mr. Dirk DeKlerck of the Be=
lgium Police Art
Research Team who will deliver the award personally to the recipient on th=
e coming

The award recognizes a professional worthy of emulation by others, based o=
n lifetime
achievement and specific project accomplishment:

* During his past 4 years  Mr. Cremers conceived and developed the Museum =
Network--an Internet website and listserv at http://museum- security.org/ =
which has
outgrown all other national and world professional organizing and service =
efforts in the field
of museum and library security.

* The Museum Security Network continues to serve a limitless number of cul=
organizations and protection professionals in virtual time at the most min=
imum of cost.

* The work of Museum Security Network encourages improved cultural protect=
ion and
prevents and solves crimes against cultural property.

* Mr. Cremers=92 determination, personal investment and modesty in providi=
ng continuous
worldwide service are a model of professional excellence without equal tod=

Thank you, Ton, and wife Marian, for making this profession=92s networking=
accomplishments 20th and 21st Century realities. No doubt it will be with =
great reluctance
that Ton would put this notice on his listserv for readers to know and app=
reciate. But he will
do so only to encourage each of you to conceive and develop those next acc=
that would make our work more effective and the world=92s cultural propert=
y even safer.


The Museum Security Network is a
not-for-profit free service.

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