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Making Multicultural Books

Dear Friends
    Pardon the bit of personal promotion here. As many of you know, my
book Multicultural books to Make and Share has gone out of print with
Scholastic. I tried to get Dover to reprint it and received lots of
positive messages from you to forward to them. However despite the kind
and enthusiastic words of the Book Arts List,, they turned it down. I
have finally taken enough trips up and down the seesaw of dealing with
publishers that the rejection didn't phase me in the least. Although I
would have liked a yes, I consider my newfound calm to be the best news
of all.
    I have found my dealings with the publishing world to be
frustrating, as I have posted here in the past. A big part of the reason
is that they seem to like to keep the way their world works a mystery.
Since I like to understand how things work, it has been a real
challenge. My theory on Multicultural Books is that, at 136 pages, it is
too long. It is generously laid out which I think adds to its ease of
use but it brings the cost up. What made me think about this is that I
am working on a new book for Scholastic on hands-on activities about the
Middle Ages. I proposed the book at 96 pages and they want only 80 so
that they can keep the price down. Multicultural Books was selling for
$15.95. With the increase in paper costs, it would probably have to go
up a few dollars and that would put it out of the Scholastic price
range. Dover sells its books very reasonably so I think it may have been
an issue for them too. Also for Dover the fact that much of the writing
is directed toward teachers might have been a problem. Anyway I am just
going to let it sit for a while. Iwas advised by an agent that
publishers usually are not interested in a book right after it has gone
out of print- it's old news and a has-been at that point. Her advice was
to just wait. I tried Dover because they specialize in reprints.
    Anyway, before I wrote Multicultural books to Make and Share I
published something called Making Multicultural Books: A Project Sampler
There are 8 projects; each is on a four page folded sheet of paper. They
come in a plastic ziploc bag. All the projects were later included in
the book. I stopped selling the samplers when the book came out. The
sampler contains Name Scroll, Wish Scroll, Palm Leaf Sequence Book, Time
Line Accordion Book, Math Slat Book, Seasons Accordion Book, Newsbook,
and Book of Haiku.Since the book is out of print, I decided to sell the
remaining copies.
    If you’re interested in a copy, it can be ordered from Book Central.
The cost is $7.00. The website address is

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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