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Re: indigo

If you want a cold-climate plant that contains the indigo pigment, try woad.
It is an ugly biennial weed that you harvest all at once at the end of the
first growing season.

It is not as powerful a source of indigo, but it does indeed grow like a
weed. Here in southern Ontario, it took us three years to get rid of the
stuff! I think there's still some popping up in our lawn occasionally.
That's what we get for letting the thing go to seed (in its second growth
Now we have a restaurant-size pickle jar full of seeds, although I don't
know if they're still viable.

Although it is a weaker source of pigment, I gather that it is easier to
process it compared with true indigo or japanese indigo [based on directions
in "A Dyer's Garden"]. To extract, you just dump boiling water on it and let
it steep for a few minutes. Strain it, then get on with the
oxidation/reduction additives.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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