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donating journals

This posting is primarily for those living in the Pacific Northwest, though
everyone is welcome to participate. (or you might just be interested in
learning about the writing project...)

I'm just passing the information along.
Suzanne Denker
Portland, Oregon

Calling All Bookbinders!!

Do you have any blank books sitting in the back of your shelves?

WRAP is seeking your help. The group--"Write Around Portland"(WRAP)--
coordinates creative writing workshops throughout the city of Portland. The
workshops are geared toward low-income individuals of many different ages
and life circumstances.  At the end of the workshop cycle, participants
submit their work for an anthology.  If you want to know more, check out the
  website:  http://www.writearound.org

WRAP is continually looking for donations of blank books to be used as
journals by participants in their workshops. The journals can be any shape,
size, etc.  People tend to prefer journals with lined paper, but blank
journals are
also very welcome.  All donations are tax-deductible so please include an
estimated value, along with your address so you can be sent a receipt.

For now, journals can be dropped off at the WRAP office (917 SW Oak Street,
#220, Portland, Oregon) but we are looking into other locations. If you have
any questions or  ideas, please contact Liza Halley or Ben Moorad at
503-796-9224 or at <wrapmail@teleport.com>.

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