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Re: digital dingbats...do they exist?

At 12:54 AM 2/20/2001 EST, Mike wrote:
>Converse to what I am hoping someone will do someday -- is to swipe some
>computer digital contemporary designed dingbats and get Thompson mats made to
>cast in Monotype. Mats might cost $50 to $100 or more. But knowing what to
>have made for resale would be a shot in the dark. Maybe do a digital pre-mat
>making proof of a 100 or so and let people order first- then commit to mat
>making and casting.

But why choose that over doing polymer?

The one case that I came up with where making real metal type made sense
was for an unrealized book idea where I wanted to use my own type design
for a rather lengthy book (2 vols, totaling roughly 742 pages with 366 wood
cut engravings). Under these circumstances it would actually have been
cheaper (excluding my own time) to have type made than to set the book from
polymer. Plus there would be the potential for sales of the type after the
fact to further offset the costs.

Maybe someday, I'll come back to that project.


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