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Re: digital dingbats...do they exist?

>Specifically, is anyone taking the old dingbats and making them
>digital/computer/polymer plate ready? If so, where?
>Jim Camp -- synaesthesia press

All you need is the design, then print it on vellum, either from the
dingbat itself or an existing printed image, make a negative or scan,
re-size if desired then print as a negative.  From there on it is
">digital/computer/polymer plate ready?"
A resource that is often overlooked is the local rubber stamp shop.  They
can copy onto film or produce a polymer plate often at low prices.
I will be happy to discuss the details in more depth if  desired.
cheers, Charlie Jones


Charles D. Jones
LaNana Creek Press
Crazy Creek Press

Nacogdoches, Texas

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