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Re: bone closures

In a message dated 02/20/01 1:04:43 PM Eastern Standard Time,
jtt20@COLUMBIA.EDU writes:

<< I am looking for somewhere I can buy or order small bone closures
 (e.g., the ones that close small Japanese and other Asian boxes),
 preferably but not necessarily with a small drilled hole already in it.
 My idea is to use these to close an accordion book on both sides, thus
 allowing for multiple viewing choices. Any suggestions would be greatly
 appreciated (I've been all over Chinatown (NY) and art supply stores with
 no luck so far...). Thanks, Jae >>

Try John Neal Bookseller:   <A

=982692359.1209298">JNB: Supplies: Bookbinding</A>

Look under Bone Clasp Assortments.

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