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Re: vellum

In a message dated 2/21/01 11:11:43 AM, serifm@FASTLANE.NET writes:

<< Are you talking about real vellum, i.e., calfskin, or the translucent
paper that is called vellum?  >>

Oh, just the paper. It's to put a printed overlay over the flyleaf. See, I
used to put quotations on the flyleaf of my journals and people really liked
them. I'd watch them open every book looking for the one they wanted. But my
new, "better" printer chews up the handmade paper 50% of the time so it was
starting to cost me money and the temper tantrums were pretty unattractive.
So, I dropped the quotes and started putting them on cards. But the remaining
books with the quotes outsold the new ones. I decided to try the overlay
thing and it looks pretty nice. (I just practiced on a good quality tracing
paper to see the effect.) My xpedx doesn't carry the vellum and my paper
supplier doesn't either.

ANd that's my long, boring story. Thanks, everyone for the leads, though. I
will follow up.


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