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Re: vellum

A friend of mine has had some luck spraying fixative on velum sheets
before running them through his Epson. Still not the quality he would

A Textronix printer does a much better job with vellum sheets. It is
wax based and the feathering is not an issue. Since the ink basically
sits on top of the paper, I'm not sure about durability.

Output service bureaus could run Textronix for you, or may have
suggestions regarding vellums and Epsons.


>In a message dated 2/21/01 3:52:48 PM, serifm@FASTLANE.NET writes:
><< Most brands seem to feather badly on the
>Epson, though. >>
>Sally...Yep, I have an Epson and that's what has been happening. I was told
>you could control the amont of color the printer laid down, but so far any
>adjustment I make doesn't help a whole lot. It doesn't feather "badly" but
>it's noticeable to me.

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