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Re: basic repairs

Dear Suzanne Denker -

>I still find myself stumped when it comes to "perfect" binding that has
>separated.  Is there anything that works besides some kind of re-binding?

Besides some kind of re-binding?  A box or envelope to hold all the pages.

A quick and easy repair of a "perfect" binding can be done using a
PVA/Methylcellulose mixture for the paste.  Be sure to sand off all the old
adhesive.  And fan the text block in both directions when applying the
paste.  This works both when replacing a section that has fallen out of the
middle or when rebinding the whole thing.

Back the re-bind with cloth, pared to fit the spine.  This will add a bit of
bulk so that the cover won't fit quite the same way, but it will be a bit
stronger with the cloth than it was without.  Let the text block dry
completely before re-attaching the cover - use the same methylcellulose/PVA
mixture for that, too.

Dolly Blunt
Preservation Officer
Florida State Archives

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