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Re: basic repairs

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>Dear Suzanne Denker -
>>I still find myself stumped when it comes to "perfect" binding that has
>>separated.  Is there anything that works besides some kind of re-binding?
>Besides some kind of re-binding?  A box or envelope to hold all the pages.
>A quick and easy repair of a "perfect" binding can be done using a
>PVA/Methylcellulose mixture for the paste.  Be sure to sand off all the old
>adhesive. <snip>

Trying to sand off the adhesive typically used in perfect binding doesn't work
well, since the heat generated by sanding melts the adhesive so it sticks to
the abrasive paper. If you want to get rid of the adhesive, the easiest way is
to use a guillotine cutter to trim off a sixteenth of an inch from the spine.
    Alternatively, you can remelt the adhesive. Use a KMart, Target, or
similar inexpensive electric griddle, selling for about $20. They are coated
with teflon, so the adhesive doesn't stick to the griddle. Set the temperature
to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Remelting the adhesive takes less than ten seconds.
This method provides better adhesion than the original binding because you are
applying heat directly to the spine, while the original binding used hot glue
to transferred from a heated reservoir to heat the spine.

Rupert Evans
Author of Books on Demand Bookbinding

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