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Perfect Binding (was basic repairs)

Not trying to be picky, just a clarification of terms:

>One of the reasons perfect bindings break so easily is due to the
>inflexibility of the hot glue used as adhesive.

        This is true.  However, not all adhesives used for perfect binding
are hot melt.  The ones that are not hot melt are sometimes referred to as
cold melt.  We use this type of adhesive ourselves and not only does it
resemble PVA in it's liquid form it remains flexible, much like PVA, after
the drying process.

>Another reason perfect bindings don't hold together very well is when the
>hot glue is applied to the text blocks, the pages are either not fanned at
>all, or are only fanned one direction.  Fanning the pages in both directions
>provides more holding power to the binding.  If the old glue is reused, you
>won't get fanning in both directions.

        Perfect bound books are not quite the same as fan bound books.
When books are perfect bound they are first secured in a traveling  clamp
and carried over a milling station. The milling removes a few millimeters
of paper and also cuts shallow notches, again only a few millimeters, into
the spine of the text block.  The book then travels over a small glue pot
that has a roller which applies the adhesive to the text.  Next, there is a
bar or some other scrapper that is set at a specific angle to remove excess
adhesive.  Finally the text gets placed onto a waiting paper cover which is
wrapped and clamped at the spine for a few seconds before the text block is
released from the traveling clamp.

        There is no fanning done when books are perfect bound.  Perfect
binding is strictly a soft cover binding process.  Fan binding is a method
of page attachment that does not involve the attachment of covers.

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