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polished metallic graphite, tangential subjects

As a new member to this list, I can share in the remark below, but =
the answers to be on line. Textiles are so very closely allied to =
Some of us work with textiles in our books. So, at least I would love =
know the answer.

(You can reply to this off-list as I doubt it will interest most of
you.) Thanks.
And I must say I am enjoying this list these days even if I don't add
too much.  P.
Peter Sramek
Book=B0Sequence Gallery

I am delighted by this list and find it informative as well as =
I have found several sources for learning inlay and onlay as a result.

QUESTION: I have seen the language "polished metallic graphite" used in =
description of an artist's book. I gather from the context that it is
applied to the edges of the pages, much as gilt would be. I have =
with several of my standard book suppliers to no avail.

QUESTION: Relma, in France: Is this the only place to purchase filet =

Again, my thanks,  A.

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