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Re: Textile Conservation List?

There is a Textile Conservation list  -

TexCons is an open un-moderated discussion list. The list co-owners are Mary
W. Ballard - (mwb@cal.si.edu) in Washington, D.C., USA and S. Gail Niinimaa
- (niinimaa@nucleus.com) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The primary purpose of TexCons is to serve as a discussion forum to help
colleagues with questions/answers on specific problems, treatment materials,
techniques, methods, and other specific problems or queries relating to
textile conservation

Those wishing to subscribe to the TexCons Discussion List should send a
message to:

In the body of the message enter:

    SUBSCRIBE TEXCONS [your-real-name your-email-address]

Be sure the message is contained in a single line in the message area; the
subject line is ignored. You yourself must subscribe from the address to
which you wish TexCons messages sent, both to assure proper usage and to
assure that the subscription is under your control.

For a look at the TexCons archives, go to -

            BOOK_ARTS-L: The listserv for all the book arts.
      For subscription information, the Archive, and other related
            resources and links go to the Book_Arts-L FAQ at:

                          To unsubscribe send:
                            UNSUB Book_Arts-L
                           ALL COMMANDS GO TO:

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