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Call for Book Artist's

Call for Artistís Books, Altered Books, Art from Books and Art Inspired
>From Books

>From March to May, in partnership with book and paper artists from
throughout the nation, MatrixArts of Sacramento, will celebrate the art
of the book in a series of hands-on workshops, demonstrations, talks,
and exhibits called The Storyteller.  Students will have an opportunity
to create historical book forms from various cultures (Japanese bound,
codex, concertina and others) and learn to see the book in a new and
wider context. Whether text, images or the combination of the two are
used, emphasis is placed on the creation of books as visual objects --
Non-traditional artists' books, altered books, miniature books, pop-up
books, chapbooks, scrapbooks, and experiments in the myriad objects that
can be created with a single piece of paper.

In April work created by book artists from around the country plus our
students and faculty will be exhibited at MatrixArts, our next door
neighbors -- The Center for Contemporary Art and the Studio Behind
Michelangelo's Restaurant in Midtown Sacramento.

We know the event is only six weeks out, but weíd like to invite you to
join our exhibition, by submitting work to MatrixArts, no later than
Saturday, March 31st.

Eligible works include:  artistís book, altered books, art from books
and art inspired by books.

In addition to the work on exhibit at the three galleries, MatrixArts is
also seeking work to be sold in our gallery store from March through
May.  Those works would include handmade books, journals, diaries, and
paper crafts. Commission for either the gallery store or the exhibit is
70% to the artists and 30% to the gallery.

We know that we are moving very quickly, but we were just assured of
space from our two other partners.  Next year we plan on having a juried
exhibition and to become a center for the book arts in our region.

Cost is $10 per work with a maximum of five pieces for the exhibition
plus a check to cover the amount of return shipping. Any pieces to be
wall mounted must be received framed and ready to hang.

For more information or to submit an entry form please contact:
Maryellen Burns, MatrixArts, 1518 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, California
95815 or call at 916-456-4930.  E-mail at mburns2@ix.netcom.com

Please send in an entry form with the following information on it:

City, State, Zip Code
Title of work(s)
Edition Size
Cost of item:
Insurance value
For Sale or just for exhibit (terms)
Artistís Statement
Artists Bio

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