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Software for paginating into signatures

Gary - I haven't tried to create a document in book layout form
yet--but have a personal project that will require this soon--I do
know that Adobe's InDesign layout application has the capability to
do this. Also, the full Adobe Acrobat product (not just the free
Reader) is supposed to have this capability.

Because creating page layout in book form is not a simple procedure,
my guess is that only the higher end applications (a.k.a. higher
priced) will have this capability. It would delight me to discover
differently, but this is my suspicion. Good luck!

Does anyone know of software that I can use to convert a MS Word document of
arbitrary length into a number of signatures that I can then bind into a
nice book? I'll probably print double-sided, two-up in landscape mode on
paper that i've cut (grain-correct) into approximately legal sized format.

I'd like to be able to do this with various books or booklets written by
friends. Figuring out the printing/pagination is more complicated than I
want to think about if I can avoid doing so.

I looked into ClickBook, but didn't see how to do it with that software.
Does anyone know of software to do this? Or is there a template available
for ClickBook that will do such a format?

Julie Sullivan

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