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Re: Software for paginating into signatures

At 02:38 PM 02/26/2001 -0600, Julie Sullivan wrote:
>I looked into ClickBook, but didn't see how to do it with that software.
>Does anyone know of software to do this? Or is there a template available
>for ClickBook that will do such a format?

I made the mistake of buying Clickbook -- directly from the company that
makes it.  I installed and registered it.  Then, I had to have my computer
repaired, and everything had to be reinstalled.  Clickbook couldn't be
installed without automatically dialing a telephone number, which was
obsolete (this is my fault?), so it kept crashing there.  I wrote to Blue
Squirrel.  I E-Mailed Blue Squirrel.  I sent certified mail to Blue
Squirrel.  I never received ANY form of response from them ... not
E-Mailed, not snail mailed, not telephoned, or anything else.

Clickbook may be cheaper than some, but it was a complete, total waste of
money in my case.  IMHO, it is a perfect example of getting what you pay
for.  YUCK.

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