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Re: Photo albums

Dear List,
        I am trying to create a Japanese bound photo album using a 1" ribbon on the
binding and using 4-ply museum mat board as pages.  I have hinged each board
with filmoplast T tape to a 2" wide piece of mat board leaving a 3/4" space
between the boards.  This has worked fine as long as I only use 15 pages,
however, I need to use 24 pages.  When I use 24 pages the album pages will
not lay flat when the album is opened-up.  I have also tried adding space
between the boards but the pages then become flimsy.  Does anyone have any
suggestions on how I could make this book or adjust to make the pages lay
flat when its open?  I have mounted 8x10 photos flush the mat board.  I
would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Dena Robertson

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