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Re: Software for paginating into signatures

FWIW I have used the imposer plug-in and had very good success once I
figured out the full algorithm to make it go. Did a book of 10
16-page signatures (2 sheets) and once I worked out how it thought
about margins and spacing it looked great. It did take a few passes
to understand its margin placement rationale but now it's pretty easy.

Meg Miller

>I know that Quark Xpress has a plug-in called 'In Position' and it
>allows you to flow text and pages in such a way that they will be
>printed (via your ink jet etc.) in signature sequence or format - so
>you can just print out the pages and then fold and bind... etc.
>Quark Xpress also allows one to flow text from an MS Word document
>into Quark....   Also in Quark (without the 'In Position' plug in)
>you can arrange the pages in a signature sequence so that you can
>just print and bind.  Of course with out the plug in it takes a bit
>more time and thought on your part.  Basically all you'd do is make
>a dummy and move the pages in the software program to where they
>would fall according to the order of your book dummy.
>Does that help?
>Sue Clancy

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