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Re: Software for paginating into signatures

This is interesting info.... I knew there were plug-ins but have never
gotten one for Quark despite making books in Quark quite often. In fact,
I made up a small book with instructions on how to do this.

I have always just set up a "page size" in landscape format in Quark to
hold both (book)pages to be printed on the sheet. Then I use the odd
pages for the front of the sheet and the even for the backs. They can be
set-up in the Document Layout palette to be side-by-side which makes
them easy to track. That way I can print all of the even pages, flip the
stack in the printer and print the odds in reverse order. Then they just
need folding. (Collating too if you print in the wrong order.)

It's not difficult, but it's far from automatic!
It's easiest to have a dummy so you can number the pages and have a
physical version to refer to for page order. I even put non-printing
page numbers on my Quark pages to make it easier to follow.

Linking text boxes and importing the text from Word, or wherever, is not
difficult. It flows in and then can be adjusted to fill the pages

What is missing are automatic page numbers. What it does allow for is
varied page layouts, easy incorporation of images, graphics, etc. and a
clear view of what the result will look like.

I do know that WordPerfect has a booklet format in it's prining options,
but there are some niceties about getting it to work properly and you
really don't see anything until it prints it out.  I've used it once for
a booklet  but I don't usually use WordPerfect. I think you probably
would have to have a separate file for each signature but I'm not sure.

Peter Sramek
Book°Sequence Gallery

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