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Re: Publisher


Nancy Parrish Russell, 1920-2001

Bookbinder and poet, Nancy Parrish Russell died on Saturday, January 27 in
Cambridge, New York. Nancy spent most of her adult life living and working
in New York City, but returned to her childhood home in the 1990's after
retiring as a professional bookbinder. While in New York, Nancy worked for
seventeen years, as the book restorer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
wrote several books of poetry for which she created the calligraphy, and was
an active member of the Guild of Book Workers. Although I did not know Nancy
well, I was impressed by her creative and sparkling personality. She was a
true original her poem will show:

        "The world will better be, because of me!

        What arrogance! But let it not be worse

        I will, therefore, take not more than I need

        And leave my verse".

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