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Re: Bookbinding Manuals

What is your favorite manual, why?

What type of course is it? Traditional case binding, non-traditional
"funky-foldy," something in-between?

Keith Smith's books are all good, especially for the non-adhesive type
books. For traditional case binding, I use Zeier's "Books, Boxes, and
Portfolios." It also covers some of the other structures such as accordian,
Asian, scrolls... What I like best is that it is clear, and it doesn't
assume that you have a lot of equipment/tools.

In the end, I think it depends most on what you're planning on teaching,
your abilities, comfort level, and infrastructure.

Peter Verheyen

>I would like to ask the list, what is the quintessential book on
>bookbinding?  I am going to be teaching a course in bookbinding, and I
>would like to have a reference manual for myself as well as something I may
>copy diagrams from for my students. Would all of Keith Smith's books be the
>best bet, or does anyone have a better suggestion?  Thank you.
>Amy Borezo

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