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Lecture and Workshop in NYC

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The NY Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers invites you to
a lecture about the binding of the Great Omar and its

THURSDAY, March 15, 2001 at 6:00 pm
at the Grolier Club
47 East 60th Street
New York, NY

Rob Shepherd, owner of Shepherd's Bookbinders, Ltd., who in 1998
bought the two old binderies of Sangorski & Sutcliffe, and Zaehnsdorf
in London, will talk about the Great Omar, a treasure binding which
sank with the Titanic (a color reproduction of it has been produced
black & white photos from the archives, contemporary descriptions and
computer technology).  He will talk about the binding in the context of
history of fine binding, and in particular, the significance this book
has in the history of the great trade binderies.  Using items from the
archives, he can show not only how the book was conceived and made, but
also tell the story of its remarkable creator, Francis Sangorski.  Rob
will also explore the history of the Company in later years and show how

the trade developed over the course of the century.

Please RSVP to: ursula-and-nilo@worldnet.att.net or call 201-795-2261


Please join us for a one-day workshop on
Japanese Bookbinding with Mark & Midori Cockram:
Saturday, March 24, 10:00  5:00
at the Gladys Brooks Book & Paper  Conservation Laboratory of the NY
Academy of Medicine, 1216 Fifth Ave. & 103rd St., New York, NY
(212)-822- 7363

All materials will be supplied (e.g. Kimono silk for the bindings, text
blocks and fittings). All books will be constructed from kits, allowing
all students to complete the projects within the time allowed.

Morning ;- Yamato Toji. The Yamato Toji is one of the few forms of
Japanese books with construction details differing from both Korean and
Chinese binding methods. The Yamato Toji is unique in that the same
binding method can be used for both hard and limp bindings. Students
will be making the hard variation.

Afternoon ;- The Yamato Toji with a twist. Using similar construction
techniques but with a multiple stub sewn text block, 2 single sections
and a zig - zag. Students will be encouraged to decorate the binding
using simple printing techniques.

Midori Kunikata-Cockram graduated from the Joshbi College of Art in
Tokyo and has a diploma in Fine Bookbinding and Conservation from
Guilford College of Technology as well.  She has held numerous workshops

on Japanese Bookbinding in Tokyo and the UK and teaches extensively on
the subject.
Mark Cockram has a diploma in Fine Bookbinding from the Guilford College

of Technology, and in 1992 opened his own Bindery.  He has taught
numerous workshops in the UK and Japan, and has won several awards for
his bindings.  He has given countless lectures for the Society of
Bookbinders and recently for the Designer Bookbinders.
Both Midory and Mark have exhibited their work throughout Europe and

Fee: $60.00 ($70.00 non-members) plus $33.00 material fee.  Attendance
limited to 10 persons.
To register, please send a check made out to the Guild of Book Workers
to Ursula Mitra, 9 Pomander Walk, New York, NY 10025.  The check must be

received by March 13.  For additional information, please write to
ursula-and-nilo@worldnet.att.net or call 201-795-2261.


Ursula Mitra
Library and Archives Conservation
720 Monroe Street, E5-12
Hoboken, NJ 07030
phone: 201-795-2261 (10 AM - 4 PM)

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org:Library and Archives Conservation
tel;fax:+1 201-795-2261 (call first)
tel;home:+1 212-663-3271
tel;work:+1 201-795-2261
fn:Ursula Mitra


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