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Re: Bookbinding Manuals

"Books, Boxes, and Portfolios" deals with simple case binding on tapes.
Advantages to the way he describes it (and the way I learned as an
apprentice and still practice) are that one knows that a cover will fit
before covering, and that his instructions are just very clear. It does
cover some of the other styles you mentioned such as well. There are also
sections on boxes and portfolios. Sewing endbands is not covered, as are
sewing on cords. For that you'll need to increase your library.

Oak Koll <http://www.oakknoll.com> publishes a number of good books on the

Among them:

Greenfield, Jane And Jenny Hille. Headbands, How To Work Them.
Young, Laura S. Bookbinding & Conservation By Hand; A Working Guide.

There are also the Arthur Johnson books:

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding--[Paperback] Johnson, Arthur W.
The Practical Guide to Craft Bookbinding--[Paperback] Johnson, Arthur W.

Bookmakers, Talas, Amazon, and some others carry these.

These would be my choice.

There are also many of the (English/British) manuals which have been
reprinted, but I would not use these for students. I see them more as
manuals for apprentices working in the trade, with access to equipment and
the supervision/training that goes with it. This is not to say that they
are bad, they're definitely not, but just that the techniques which are
taught are much more complex, and geared towards what would become a
trades/craftsman. Some of them however are also very scary in the
techniques they describe, and how they describe them. Good for a
conservator, however, who's trying to figure out how/why something was put
together the way it was.

Something I think that would be worthwhile discussing on this list are the
various manuals and why we prefer one over the other, relative merits,
problems, and what / how we use them, and target audience.


>I would like, for my own use, a book that goes into great detail on case
>bindings, not just sewing on tapes, but also on one cord, two cords, sewing
>the headbands, etc. Does "Books, Boxes, and Portfolios" deal with those
>Amy Borezo

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