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>Something I think that would be worthwhile discussing on this list are the
>various manuals and why we prefer one over the other, relative merits,
>problems, and what / how we use them, and target audience.

Yes. Good idea. I still like Lewis's  Basic Bookbinding, now from Dover, for
beginners.Cockerell and Zaehnsdorf are great reference manuals. Both Middleton
books have value-- A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique and The
Restoration of Leather Bindings. Arthur Johnson was generally good when I read
it, but as I recall the stitch was incorrect for double cord sewing when I
reviewed the first edition. Maybe a later edition has corrected it. Manley
Bannister recommended Elmer's Glue All in the first edition. Perhaps that has
been corrected. I get concerned when one thing I know about is flagrantly wrong,
because it makes me suspect the whole thing, like when I read newspapers.



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