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What's new with Tom

Dear friends,

You're invited to visit <http://www.tomphillips.co.uk>, a site dedicated
to the works and texts of British artist/writer/composer Tom Phillips.

The site is created in collaboration with Tom, and is updated on the
first of each month.  The March 2001 edition features:

- PICTURES FROM POSTCARDS: SOUTH AFRICA : 12 works from Tom's 1973 and
1974 tours of South Africa

- FORMS OF TRANSLATION : Tom's reflections on translating the libretto
and designing sets for the 1998 English National Opera production of
Verdi's OTELLO

- A HUMUMENT : Pages 121-150 from the first printed edition, Tetrad

- A picture of Titian's THE FLAYING OF MARSYAS, for reference when
looking at the portraits of Michael Kustow and Dame Iris Murdoch

- A new CONTACT Page

Best wishes, John Nick Pull <john@tomphillips.co.uk>

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