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Re: Pagination

Most programs allow you to carry out simple imposition but this usually
involves printing the same paper several times. The newer versions of Corel
Ventura Publisher work extremely well with Windows 95 and upwards (or as
well as Windows will let them!) It's a simple matter to print a four-up
double sided layout using the side-fold card layout. However, there is no
substitute for creating a dummy of your document to really understand where
each page will fall when folded. An intimate understanding of your book's
structure is something to be welcomed, not avoided.

I'll be interested to hear if list members have used PagePlus and its
associated suite of programs. They are the most economic desktop publishing
programs available (approx. $10 for a full suite of six programs) and have a
full feature set.

All best wishes

David Bailey
Tel/Fax +44 (0)1626 335894
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Original Message:

Date:    Thu, 1 Mar 2001 11:05:18 -0500
From:    Richard Minsky <minsky@MINSKY.COM>
Subject: Re: Pagination

Most programs I've used print both sides. These days I use Microsoft
Publisher, part of the Office suite, for most tasks, including designing
covers, printing brochures, etc. It's not fancy, but it does print
2-sided documents. If you specify how many copies it prints all of 1
side, then all the other side. It does multiple page booklets, so you
can do longer books (multisection) by breaking it up into signatures.

I used to use Ventura, but my old version does not work well with
Windows 95 and later. The old DOS version of Ventura (pre-Corel) was


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