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Re: removing labels, tape etc from old leather books

Thanks for all of your thoughts on this.  I'll definitley try any
technique out on a non-valuable book first until I'm satisfied with it.

I've found out that our library labels are applied using a heat process,
not simply peel'n'stick sort of adhesive.  If I use a tacking iron
lightly I'm hoping to loosen the bond a bit.  I'll try the lighter fluid
& other similar methods on the remaining adhesive and tape (though *not*
in direct conjunction with the tacking iron of course!)

Robin T

Printmaking Department wrote:
> Hi there,
> There is also another product called UnSeal.   It also acts like lighter
> fluid, but like UnDo, is more expensive (about 14.00 dlls per quarter of
> a gallon).   I've used it at frame shops to take off scotch tape, and
> the like. Only when taken to an offset print or a magazine cover will it
> remove ink as well. But I've used it on fine art prints with success.  I
> did find that it worked better than UnDo.  You still might want to try
> it on something not as valuable.
> Hope this helps!
> ilse padilla
> >I got some and it looks, smells, and acts like lighter fluid except it costs
> more.
> Susan
> sonja larsen wrote:
> >     Has anyone tried using Un-Du adhesive remover?  According to the label, it can be used on "finished leather" as well as most hard surfaces and wood.
> > It contains heptane but might be less toxic  than lighter fluid.

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