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Minsky's reliquary

The view on the computer screen of Richard Minsky's Reliquary  is an
enrichment of the senses. The real thing must be even more appealing!
Although the decoration recalls the complicated geometric intertwined
patterns in the Islamic art, it is certainly an imaginative piece of
work and not a boring repetition of old models. It is not a tight or
trite composition covering obsessively the whole surface; the colored
shapes surprise us emerging here and there within the decorative scheme.
The great Persian poet Djami (1414 - 1492) in a poem tells about the
story of a venerable mystic (sufi) master and a young fellow who
absolutely wanted to become his student, hence a mystic himself. But
when the latter goes to the sufi master, he is rejected. Essentially,
because he doesn't know yet the beauties, suffering and joys of the
world; he has to go out there, fall in worldly love, cultivate his
senses. And then come back to me, explains the master. Thanks, Mr.

At this point, I dare say that I just added a page on Turkish
calligraphy under Varia with a few illustrations of samples.
Rezan Peya Gökçen,

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