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The Buddhas

Paul Werner's piece on the Taliban brings up the point of temporal vs.
spiritual values.

We are concerned here because our craft involves the preservation and
appreciation of the rare, the beautiful, the highly valued.

But Taliban only accentuates the reality that every religion is guilty of
destruction of icons of value to others in one way or another by virtue of
the proscriptions which make it different.

Gandhi, Schweitzer and others have demonstrated that what comes of one's
life is more important than the things created, however much we may come to
cherish them.

In the film, "The Day of the Painter" the artist produces a set of six
paintings which he sets out for a buyer, who chooses only one.  He then
tosses the other five away and begins all over again.

What the Buddhas represent does not lie in their statuary but with those
whose lives inspired them.  We have the opportunity, in our trade, to
enunciate the values, to inspire others with our work, but the values and
skills generated far outweigh the products, however unique they may be.

Charles Schermerhorn

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