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Re: manuals

A note I received from another fan of the Alisa Golden book--
From: pamela gibson <pamela@independence.net>

This is a terrific book and the one I return to again and again for
information and inspiration. This is the only book on making books that I
enjoyed actually reading - it embraces the bookmaker as well as the process.

I feel like I've been disagreeing with folks all morning so I am seizing
this moment to agree with you!

Pamela Suzanne Gibson
Southwestern Colorado

As long as folks are mentioning their favorite books about making books, I
want to say a bit about mine:  Creating Handmade Books, by Alisa Golden.

The focus is on paper structures and letterpress, with a lot of structures
to choose from. I feel inspired to experiment some more whenever I pull it
out. Somehow something always gets piqued for me.

What I love about it is: the clear instructions, the relatedness of text and
structure, the personal history that goes along as part of the bookmaking,
the wealth of information, and especially, the encouragement for and
examples of creating content as well as book structure.

(my two cents...)
Suzanne Denker, Portland, OR

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