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In December 2000 I contacted WL Gore to enquire about
their Gore Tex felt laminate. They had discontinued
the production and did not have any left overs in
stock. This February, I was contacted by a Gore
representative. She wanted to let me know that Gore
may be able to help the conservation field by
producing the felt laminate again, but she needed some
information. I
decided that the larger the response from the
profession, the better our chances of seeing it in
production again. If you are interested in being able
to buy Gore Tex felt laminate again, please fill out
the questionnaire found at
http://www.philobiblon.com/GoreTex and return it to me
via e-mail by 30 March 2001. I will compile the
information and pass it on to the company. Thanks for
your participation.

Donia Conn
Book and Paper Conservator
West Lake Conservators

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